High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
FZB-D Teflon self-priming centrifugal pump


FZB-D series self-priming pump can be used to continuously or intermittently extract and transport all kinds of chemical media when fixed on the ground. Self-priming pump can flow in any position to extract and transport to meet your requirements. It is mainly designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards and combined with the process of non-metallic pump. The pump shell is lined with fluoroplastic, the overflowing parts are all made of fluoroplastic alloy, the pump cover and impeller are made of metal insert wrapped with fluoroplastic, and the moving ring is made of tetrafluoro filling material, which has excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and sealing. To enhance the pressure resistance of the pump. The pump has the advantages of wear resistance, non-aging, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, smooth operation, long service life of steel lining fluoroplastic material and so on.

FZB-D self-priming centrifugal pump can safely transport acid, alkali, organic solution, and pure and valuable chemical media, fully meet the strict safety, reliability and ecological requirements. Suitable for all kinds of chemical processes, convenient maintenance is the most suitable choice to replace the heavy liquid pump.

The working principle of the self-priming pump is that the pump shell is filled with water or there is water in the shell itself before the pump starts. After starting, the height of the impeller rotates to make the water flow in the impeller channel toward the vortex shell, at this time the inlet forms a vacuum, the inlet backstop door opens, the air in the pipe is inhaled into the pump, and the external aid is reached through the impeller channel.


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