High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
What most magnetic pump plants won't tell you (part 1)


If you expect the magnetic pump to be safe, stable and fault-free, you must abide by the eight golden rules of the magnetic pump manufacturer's Tenglong pump valve advice. Because most magnetic pump plants are not going to tell you this in detail.

1. Prohibition of idling operation.

As soon as the magnetic pump runs out of liquid, the sliding bearing of the pump cavity will lose lubrication and wear quickly under the condition of high speed operation. The internal magnetic rotor magnetic eddy current cutting magnetic field generates enough heat to demagnetize the magnet. Although some magnetic pump factory claimed that its magnetic pump can withstand idling, in fact, there is a premise that this is idling resistant time, only 3-5 minutes of no-load.

2. Prohibition of long-time shutoff valve operation.

When the flow rate is close to zero, the power required by the impeller is not zero, the power obtained on the impeller will be converted into heat, resulting in vaporization. The friction between the rotor and the isolating sleeve produces high temperature demagnetization with the increase of bearing temperature and wear.

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3. Avoidance of cavitation.

The effective cavitation allowance of the pump will be changed if the pipeline is changed at will, the liquid level of the medium is changed, and the medium is not constant temperature, which is easy to produce cavitation. In a very short period of time, cavitation will cause the magnetic pump to be scrapped.

4. Prohibit long-term operation in extreme traffic conditions.

Magnetic pump in the principle of the specified flow when operating, will lead to excessive bearing load.

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