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The explosion reappears! A Chinese chemical plant burst into flames.


Recently, a chemical plant in a recycling industrial zone in Jinzhou, China, exploded. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured. What's the matter? let's go and have a look.

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On December 7, a chemical company in Jinzhou Recycling Industrial Park exploded. From the picture, we can see that it is dark around us, and our hands cannot see the five fingers. We can see it is at night, but in the distance, there is a blaze of flame lit up. That is the deflagration of the chemical plant, people found that after the chemical plant deflagration, immediately to the firefighters for help, firefighters received a task, rushed to the scene to put out the fire.

chemical centrifugal pump

A number of fire engines arrived at the scene and rushed to fight the blaze. At 20:20, the fire was put out. It is understood that chemical pump in the chemical plant corrosive liquid transmission leakage caused by fire, causing no casualties. Residents in the vicinity said that although the explosion at the chemical plant was not very intense, it was loud, burning into ruins, and there were remnants of the burning chemical centrifugal pump and magnetic pump at the scene.

chemical centrifugal pump

I hope that the explosion accident in the chemical plant will not happen again, and that the chemical pump should be used correctly. These factories with hidden safety dangers must pay attention to them. This is responsible for the safety of others as well as their own lives, and the relevant departments must also strictly investigate. In this way, it not only pollutes the environment, but also threatens the safety of other people's lives, and it must be ordered to shut down or rectify when it is discovered.


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