High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
How to maintain fluorine plastic centrifugal pump?


1. Requirements for fluorinated plastic centrifugal pumps after they have stopped operation.

a. After the Fluorine Plastic Centrifugal Pump stops working, should close the pump the population valve, after waits for the pump to cool down then in turn closes the auxiliary system valve.

b.High Temperature Magnetic Pumpshutdown should be in accordance with the provisions of the equipment technical documents, after the shutdown should be every deviation of 20 30min turning half a circle, until the pump body temperature down to 50 ℃ so far.

c. When the cryopump shuts down, when there is no special request, the pump should always be filled with liquid; the suction valve and discharge valve should be kept normally open; the cryopump with double end face mechanical seal should be adopted. The level controller and the sealing fluid in the sealing chamber of the pump shall maintain the grouting pressure of the pump.

d. Transport easy crystallization, easy solidification, easy to precipitate and other media of the Chemical Centrifugal Pump, stop the pump should prevent blockage, and in a timely manner with water or other media wash the pump and pipeline.

e. Discharge the liquid stored in the pump to prevent corrosion and freeze crack.

2. Storage of Fluoroplastic centrifugal pump.

a. Pumps not yet installed should be coated with a suitable layer of antirust on unpainted surfaces, bearings lubricated with oil should be filled with the appropriate oil, bearings lubricated with grease should be filled with only one grease, and no mixed grease should be used.

b. Pump clean liquid, rinse, suction line, drain line, pump case and impeller for short time, and drain rinse fluid from pump case, suction line and discharge line.

c. Drain the oil from the bearing box, add clean oil, clean the grease thoroughly and refill it with new grease.

d. Seal the suction and discharge ports, store the pump in a clean, dry place to protect the motor windings from moisture, spray the pump housing with antirust and anticorrosive fluids.

e. The pump shaft rotates once a month to avoid freezing and lubricates the bearings.

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