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Analysis of the key points in the trouble shooting of the Magnetic pump


Magnetic pump has all the characteristics of centrifugal pump, but there is no mechanical seal centrifugal pump shaft seal leakage. No leakage of magnetic pump put an end to the leakage of the shaft seal pump to the chemical process due to the leakage of the accident hidden trouble.

Magnetic pump design, compact structure, less parts, less vulnerable parts, low failure rate. According to the big data investigation of our company: after entering normal operation, more than 95% of faults of either fluoroplastic magnetic pump or stainless steel magnetic pump result from improper operation or sudden change of liquid flow in the process.

Of course, in the long-term operation, the magnetic pump itself will be due to natural wear and small fault. Whether the use of the problem, or natural wear and tear, pump in the following phenomena, the operator should immediately stop the inspection, diagnosis, analysis of causes to be ruled out:

The main results are as follows: 1. The impeller has obvious noise.

The impeller of the magnetic pump is not directly connected with the motor, and the shaft of the pump is supported by a self-lubricating sliding bearing. In normal operation, the impeller does work rotation in the pump shell and only has a small liquid flow sound, if there is obvious noise; It means there's something wrong with the pump.

2. The noise, vibration and temperature rise of the motor are abnormal.

The motor is the power source of the pump, if the motor appears abnormal noise and vibration, the temperature is higher than 75 ℃, it indicates that either the fault of the motor itself or the overload of the motor is caused by the increase of the load of the pump.

3.The outlet pressure of the pump drops suddenly or fluctuates greatly.

Magnetic drive pumps operating in the rated operating range, the outlet pressure should be stable at the operating point, if there is a pressure drop, or pressure fluctuations, flow, head inadequate, unstable, please check and repair.

4. The pump set vibrates greatly and the murmur is harsh.

The vibration and noise of the magnetic pump are much smaller than those of the mechanically sealed pump. If the vibration is large and the noise is harsh, it indicates that there is something wrong with the pump.

5. Increase of power consumption.

Pump in rated operating conditions, power consumption will not exceed the rated current of the motor, if power consumption increases, may pump or motor failure.

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